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Korigad   [Aug 2014]  A long delayed trek plan finally executed. This is a lovely place!

Chandan-Vandan   [Sep 2013]  A trek to the twin forts on Pune-Satara road.

Ghangad   [Jul 2013]  Monsoon treat of this year. A trek soaked in rain!

Tamhini  [Jun 2013]  A wet trek with large Foliage group, waterfall trek, tamhini trail and walk in Devraai

Neelkantheshwar  [Oct 2012]  A small fun hike to Neelkantheshwar near Pune

TailBaila  [Jul 2012]  A trek to the mysterious and majestic Tail Baila cliffs.

Har Ki Dun (Himalaya) [May 2010] My second trek to Himalaya during 09-22 May 2010. Sankri in the Garwhal district of Uttarakhand was our base camp.

Tikona  [Jul 2010] A one day trek to fort Tikona located near Kamshet around 60 km from Pune.

Rajmaachi  [Apr 2010] A fullmoon trek to Rajmaachi and the fort Srivardhan.

Raireshwar  [Jan 2010] Raireshwar is a historical place 80km from Pune. There is a small 'Raireshwar' temple on the top where Shivaji Maharaj took an oath of 'Swaraj' by cutting finger.

Ramteerth   [Aug 2009] A trip to Ramteerth waterfall with dear Shruti. A place 320km from Pune, on way to Amboli from Kolhapur. Heavenly beauty.

Torana  [Jun 2009] First trek of the monsoon season.. Torana is all deserted. We were the only people there all the time until we returned ! was thrilling fun...

Pandav Leni  [Jan 2009]  A not so known place near Kolhapur with remains of some amazing ancient caves. It is said that Pandava's from Mahabharata made a stay here.

Lohagad  [Jan 2009] A hike to fort Lohagad

Rajgad  [Nov 2008] Rajgad is a one day medium level trek. Too many places to wonder around on the top. Balekilla being the highest peak, and we made it till there!

Purandar  [Nov 2008] A trek to Purandar. We hiked from the base to the top instead of taking the bike to until the midway. Its pretty easy kind of trek and good to do in half a day.

Himalaya - Auli  [Aug 2008] Auli is situated close to Joshimath. A ropeway takes you more than 1 km altitude. Surrounded by stunning viewes in all directions. 

Himalaya - Hemkund  [Aug 2008] A trek to the Hemkund at altitude 14500 feet. The chilling weather and fantasy like nature ...

Himalaya - Valley Of Flowers  [Aug 2008] A trek to the Valley of Flowers in Himalayas, District Chamoli, Uttarakhand, India

Himalaya - Govindghat  [Aug 2008] The starting point of our trek. This place can be reached by bus/vehicles.

Himalaya - Ghangaria  [Aug 2008] Ghangaria was our base camp for the trek to the valley of flowers and the Hemkund.  We made a 4 days stay here.

Valnewadi  [Aug 2008] Second visit to Valnewadi !! Its a remote village .. what is interesting is beauty stuffed way ! the mindblowing ghats ! the roads ! The waterfalls and the greenery !

Bhimashankar  [Dec 2007] A trip to Bhimashankar, 125km from Pune, MH, India.

Kenjalgad  [Jul 2007] A trek to not so known 'Kenjalgad' close to Bhor around 70km from Pune. You have to reach here by travelling from pune-bhor-ambawade-korle. 

Rohida (Vichitragad)  [Jul 2007] Fort Rohida is around 60 km from Pune near Bhor. A not much known place ... lonely ...quiet ... and heavenly beautiful place in rainy days !! 

Tapola  [Jun 2007] Tapola - This album contains the snaps of the bike ride to a place 25km from Mahabaleshwar in Maharashtra, India.

Naapne Waterfall  [Nov 2006] Near Gaganbawada, the place of highest rainfall, called Cherapunji of maharashtra.. 

Visapur  [Oct 2006] A small trek to Visapur and Bhaja Caves on its way

Saamangad  [Sep 2006] A nice fort with some remains of ancient structures near Gadhinglaj. Has a lot of peacocks.

The Beautiful Satara Surroundings  [Aug 2006] A wonderful path for bike riding for two days. Total run around 450Km. 

The Unexplored Lonavala  [Aug 2006] This was a bike ride to Lonavala from pune, but over an unusual way! Pune lonavala via Tamhini. Most enchanting, thrilling and beautiful ride of my life till date!

Anuskura & Berki  [Jul 2006] Berki.. a beautiful waterfall around 50 km from Kolhapur and Anuskura ghaat a few km ahead of it

Vijaydurg  [Feb 2006] A visit to fort Vijaydurg

Vasota  [Dec 2005] A dream trek to Vasota and Nageshwar. You can find the description written by my teammate Tushar here

Kankavali  [Oct 2004] Kankavli & Vijaydurg

Panhala  [Jul 2004] Skating in Panhala ghats, close to Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India

Gagangiri  [Jun 2004] A heavenly ride to Gagangiri in rainy days!!! Gaganbawadaa - the place of highest rainfall in Maharashtra, India


Disneyland [Nov2011] A visit to the dream of childhood 

Las Vegas  [Nov 2011] The city of Casinos

Natural Bridge Caverns  [Jun 2010] First of this kind of caves I saw in my life ! Near to San Antonio, Texas

Mission Peak  [Sep 2008] A small trek to the Mission Peak.. Near San Jose CA

Austin  [May 2008] A trip to Austin [Texas, USA] .. where everything is BIGGER !

Monterey  [Oct 2007] The 17 miles scenic drive at Monterey, CA, US.

A Night At Reno  [Sep 2007] Luck Factor comes in here !!! The first Casinos in USA. When the world sleeps Reno wakes up. 

Tahoe  [Sep 2007] A trip to the beautiful Tahoe lake and surrounding area in Nevada, US. The super cool place.

Napa Valley  [Sep 2007] The land of wines. Probably a wrong place for a guy like me who does not drink wine. But it was good to visit.

Hollywood  [Sep 2007] The dream world !!! The Hollywood Universal Studio ...

San Diego  [Sep 2007] A visit to san diago .. the Seaworld !

San Francisco  [Aug 2007] It was a quick trip to San Franscisco. Cool weather and was glad to see some crowd after long two weeks !!!