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Here is some of what I have worked on


  8085 At A Glance



An award winning 8085 microprocessor simulator, one of the best graphical simulators available.on web. Developed in 'C' as soon as I got familiar with microprocessors in second year of engineering studies. This simulator helps visualize execution of program instruction-by-instruction, T-state by T-state. Can perfectly run any valid 8085 program..



CallTrendz is an Android based application targeted towards end consumer. It helps users understand their phone usage patterns. It observes all incoming and outgoing calls and presents the user with meaningful and simple graphs showing the phone usage. Looking at the graph user can immediately understand the things such as what is the hour of day when you have received maximum number of calls or what is the month when the phone is most used for making calls etc.


Gajananvijay Kori,
Jun 3, 2012, 8:57 AM