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A Software Enthusiast, Computer & Gadgets Addict, Trekker, Nature Lover and Matrix Fan currently based in Pune, India.

Hobbies & Interests -
  • Computers, Programming & Best Development Practices
  • Trekking
  • Drawing & Sketching
  • Photography
Favorite Books -
Steve Jobs Biography by Walter Isaacson, The Grand Design by Stephen Hawkings

Favorite Movies -

Education -
B.E. (Computer Science & Engineering)
M.S. (Software Systems)

The way I see the world -
I believe life is a dream. What I touch, may not be there. What I see, may not exist. What I experience, may not be the reality. What I felt, never occurred. World is our own perception. I can say you already know about me, because every other person you see is none other than you. Everything is built by your own mind. You can change the world as you wish. All you need to know is breaking the rules of your mind !

Wake up ....


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